Hey folks, I’m Hamish, a Melbourne-based voice actor and writer with over six years of experience across animation, video games, audio dramas, radio, and more!If you're looking for a voice that can bring adventurous, nerdy, villainous, or stoic energy for your project, then get in contact and let's have a chat!

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I've been involved in acting since I was four years old and have pursued it in some shape or form for over 20 years. From the the stage to the screen and finally behind a microphone, I've been a part of many fantastic productions in Australia, the UK, The United States, and several other countries. Peformance is where I feel alive and in my element, entertaining audiences and getting them to think and feel.I'm also a writer - having earned a Masters of Screenwriting from the Victorian College of the Arts, I've since created several pitch bibles, pilot scripts, spec scripts, feature film scripts, and submitted to places such as the ABC, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon.When I'm not in my booth or typing at my laptop, you can find me walking nature paths, baking, building PCs, and playing video games with friends.

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• Solid State Logic 2
• DIY Broadcast Quality
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• 103.5 mbps download
• 17.7 mbps upload

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Acting Resume

2024Glitch Productions - The Amazing Digital Circus (Animation) - MaxDrop Bear Bytes - Broken Roads (Video Game) - Jonesy, Cole, Will, Caleb, VariousRoseshards Animations -
Cream & Spooky (Animated Short) - Boyfriend
The Road of Shadows Season 2 and 3
(Audio Drama) - Daniel Knox
REEDS Webtoon Season 3
Trailers 1 and 3 (Comic Dub) -
Pengsu, Dragon
2023The Road of Shadows Season 1
(Audio Drama) - Daniel Knox
Repella Fella (Video Game) -
Henry, Various
2022Drop Bear Bytes - Broken Roads Demo (Video Game) - Mick, Jonesy, Cole, Will, VariousSame Difference Visual Novel
(Video Game) - Benedik
Stench of Adventure (Podcast) -
Tour Guide, Taxi Driver #4
REEDS Webtoon Season 2 Trailer (Comic Dub) - PengsuLa Brea (TV Series) - Survivor2021Theatia Podsie - Shortest Night
(Audio Drama) - John
15 Minutes of Game - Trash
(Video Game) - CEO of E-Corp,
Man on recording
Mysterious Movies - Not Quite Heaven (Audio Drama) - Rupert HigginsSmall Talk Audio Anthology
(Audio Drama) - Daven
Cosmic Dawn (Web Series) - Soldier #12020Someone New Theatre Company -
Death and I (Audio Drama) - David
Suffer Through (Audio Drama) - Felix201915 Minutes of Game -
I Want to Go to Mars (Video Game) - Narrator, The Moon
Mudfest - Viking's Lament (Concert) -
First Chair Clarinet
Someone New Theatre Company -
The Machine Stops (Audio Drama) - Kuno
2018Bluestar's Prophecy (Animation) - Featherwhisker23rd Century (Audio Drama) - Deconstructed ManMudcrabs Radio - Co-host2017The Mudcrabs Tri-Hard (Play) -
Guiding Light, Susan
Melbourne University
Comedy Revue Board (MUDCRABS) -
Sketch Writer and Performer, Radio Host, Voice Artist, Comedian, etc.
2016Blackrock (Play) - Brett "Ricko" RicketsonKill K9 Films (Audio Drama)
Kitchen Hand
2015Fame (Play) - Co-DirectorThe Book of Everything (Play) -
Mrs. Van Amersfoort
Battlefield Blues (Play) - Hogle/Mumble2013Onslaught Films - Anna (Film) - MaxPeople Who Hurt (Film - Jimmy Kennedy2012Our Beautiful Secret (Film) - Young Male2010Adventure Games -
General Jack Casement

Writing Projects

Hamish completed his Master of Screenwriting in 2019 at the Victorian College of the Arts and was mentored through the Australian Children's Television Foundation. During his degree, he developed the animated fantasy adventure pilot Tetrad of Darkness which went on to the quarterfinals of the Screencraft Animation Competition. Since then, he's written the pilot and pitch bible for the animated comedy series Ultra Streamer and a sci-fi feature film script called Beneath the Skin, as well as worked as a script editor for various other projects.

Ultra Streamer
An animated comedy adventure series for ages 6-12
Two rambunctious siblings physically traverse the exciting, and treacherous, world of video games.
Created by Hamish Plaggemars and Helen HeArtwork by Helen He

Tetrad of Darkness
An animated fantasy adventure series for ages 9-14
A grieving teenage girl, pursued by the enemies of her past, attempts to revive her brother by making a pact with an evil spirit.Created by Hamish PlaggemarsArtwork by Helen HeQuarterfinalist for the ScreenCraft Animation Competition.

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